• Regular classes at our branches.
    Djembe and Indian Vocals (Weekly)
  • Drum circles (for corporate companies, housing societies and other programmes)
    Drum circle is an activity that conveys the real meaning of the word Djembe- it brings people together in peace for drumming. It is an opportunity for everyone including people who have not touched a drum or any percussion instrument before to enjoy playing. The specialty of drum circles conducted by Trk DHOOM is playing Indian style on djembe and the use of bottles, buckets and other trash in drum circles.
  • Djembers
    Djembers is a percussion band formed by Nitin Satav. The idea behind this band is to play Indian folk rhythms as well as world rhythms with Djembe as the main musical instrument.
  • Solo Djembe performances and performances along with Kathak and other forms of dance.

  • Team members are part of various music bands.

  • Vocals and percussion teaching in schools

Let see what our students and parents say about us!

Rashmi Rohan

For the last year and a half, we look forward to the Sundays like never before. Me and my husband (Rohan) attend the Djembe classes at Balbhavan while our son Kabir plays around listening to us and others play Djembe. We call it a weekly family ritual! We have become a part of this big family that enjoys the playing part as well as each other’s company. Djembe, along with the group, works as a therapy for us. During the sessions, we are not bothered with things like pending office work and other commitments. The Sunday sessions give us energy to work more productively during the week.

Sujata Rege

My wonderful journey with Trk Dhoom started almost 8-9 months back. Nitin Sir and his ever enthused proficient team takes us through the learning in a simple, easy-to-understand and enjoyable methodology. We all get a lot of knowledge and clarity of both, the Indian classical and western techniques. For me, at the age of 55, I consider his engaging sessions as a great learning experience and also a stressbuster !!

Sagar Sulgekar

Me and my Son (Saumitra) are enjoying the journey of ‘Happiness, eternal bliss, state of meditation’ with Trk Dhoom since last 2 years. Even after the age of 40 years, the unique teaching style, in-depth wisdom of ‘Indian Classical Rhythm’ and professional yet personal attention to everyone, has helped me learn Djembe. Since last few years, my professional life has been hectic and stressful. I experienced sudden loss of beloved family members. The team at Trk Dhoom helped me through the tough time to bring out ‘only the best’. We have now become a part of this wonderful family and I also encourage people to join.

Trupti Satpute

My musical journey at Trk  Dhoom Music Academy started just a few months ago and since then it has been an exhilarating journey for me. It has enriched me with the knowledge way beyond my expectations. Right from introducing us to the new instrument ‘Djembe’ to teaching us the basics of western and Indian classical rhythms, Nitin dada and team have been very attentive, supportive and patient with us. All the dadas take active interest in making sure every student individually benefits from the sessions and rectify their personal shortcomings even though the enrollment at Trk Dhoom keeps increasing. It’s nice how they share their knowledge and expertise in a very friendly manner with all learning age groups from 4 to 60 years! Very happy to be a part of Trk Dhoom family!!!

Gauri Tambe

My daughter and I have been learning to play the Djembe from Nitin Satav and his team for the last four years. At Trk Dhoom the mantra is learning should be unrestricted, fun and music should bring happiness!  All Nitin and his entire team want, is to ensure no one is left out, everyone learns and enjoys. Not once in these four years have I heard a discouraging remark from anyone. In fact, Nitin believes in all of us more than we do in ourselves. It’s amazing how all the Dadas who teach us have imbibed all these qualities from Nitin. Hats off to everyone at Trk Dhoom for their dedication, passion and patience.

Mrinalini Lele and Aditi Dixit

Two years back, we experienced the exhilarating beats of Djembe for the first time. As we performed Kathak alongside this stunning instrument, all we both were thinking was, ‘can we also learn this?’ …And because of Nitin Dada’s support and motivation, here we are! The proud students of level three batch of Trk Dhoom Music Academy. Being trained classical dancers, we were already familiar with the magic of beats and fun of playing with matras. Djembe taught us to enjoy it even more. We had great pleasure in playing all the tukde, tode and tihais we perform with footwork in Kathak. This instrument has brought us closer to Kathak and Taal and we will always be grateful to Djembe, Nitin Dada and our Trk Dhoom family for that!