Who are we?

Trk DHOOM is a Pune based music academy. It is a place to learn to play Djembe, other percussion instruments and Indian vocals in a stress free environment. The Academy is run by Pallavi (Indian Vocals) and Nitin Satav (Percussion) and their passionate team. Djembe unit led by Nitin Satav, is associated with Taufiq Qureshi's Rhydhun Academy of World Rhythms (RAWR).

Our Team

Nitin Satav

Nitin Satav is a passionate teacher. He learnt Tabla from Shri. Sanjay Karandikar and Pt. Ramdas Palsule for several years. Since the year 2000, he has taught Tabla and other Percussion instruments in various schools across Pune and has also conducted personal Tabla classes. He is a disciple of versatile percussionist Ustad Taufiq Qureshi from 2006. Nitin is blessed to learn the style developed by Ustad Taufiq Qureshi from himself. Taking inspiration from him, Nitin started teaching Djembe in Pune since 2010. He is incessantly teaching Djembe and other percussion instruments to all who wish to learn. He has started his own percussion band called Djembers. He is associated with three other bands- Trio Craft, LumiNation and Mukti.

Pallavi Satav

Pallavi Satav has learnt Indian classical vocal music from Guru Manjiri Joshi and Guru Smt. Pratibha Karnik of Gwalior gharana. She is teaching music since 2004. Her efforts are towards taking Indian music to children/ common people. Her objective is to help children and adults produce pure joy by learning music without any examination. She has experience of teaching music to school children in several schools across Pune. Currently, she is affiliated with The Orchid School, Baner’ as ‘Indian Music Teacher’.

Along with Nitin Satav, some of his senior students also teach at Trk DHOOM. The team includes,

Onkar Suryawanshi

Onkar is learning Djembe from Nitin since last 6 years. He plays Cajon and other percussion instruments along with Djembe. Classical, Bollywood and fusion music are his genres. He is a Percussionist in a Pune based band named ‘BAND RIVAAZ’ and is a part of instrumental band ‘Yajurvedha’.

Kapil Vaishampayan

Kapil is Nitin’s student since a very young age. He has been learning from Nitin for the past 12 years. He has learnt Tabla and is now pursuing Djembe. He is a mechanical engineer by profession and Djembe is his passion. His interest is in the classical style of Djembe playing.

Ganesh Ashok Bojji

Ganesh is learning Djembe from Nitin since last 7 years. He is teaching Djembe for the last 2 years. He works as a percussion teacher at ‘The Orchid School, Baner’ and ‘Millennium National School’ in Pune. He plays various percussion instruments like Cajon and Darbuka and is also a classical Tasha player since last 12 years. He is a Village Music Circles (VMC) certified Drum Circle Facilitator. He has recorded Tasha for various songs.

Omkar Ghadge

Omkar started learning Tabla from Nitin in 2008 and then shifted to Djembe. He is teaching Djembe for the past 8 years. Along with Djembe he plays several percussion instruments. He likes to play Darbuka and Dholak. He also is part of a band- Jolly papers. He is interested in rhythm arrangement and has worked as a music composer.